Wedding Styling kits

What's in my styling kit?

A styling kit is often something photographers might carry with them to create beautiful flatlays of your jewelry, accessories, stationery and other details that help bring your beautiful story full circle. You've spent a lot of time and probably money in getting these for your wedding day, and having picked them out or designed just for this day is very special. Our styling kit will often include items to help complement and capture these details immaculately.


Flatlay Photography


We have many backdrops of various colours for our flat lays, and we will often ask for your wedding colours to coordinate and bring the colours we think will match your day the best to take your detail shots on.


We carry the following in our styling kit:

- Acrylic Blocks
- Ceramic dishes
- Golden plate
- Ribbons (various colours)
- Ring boxes (various colours)
- Wax seal stamps (various styles, colours)
- Wax seal stamper
- Gold Jewelry box
- Cheesecloth for texture
- Wooden pyramid, spheres
- Fake ice
- Calligraphy ink + pen
- Gold tassles with lotus / gingko