My name is Yuki {yoo-kee}, meaning "snow" in Japanese. You can also call me Serena! I am a Canadian-born, half Japanese and half Chinese girl with a love for creativity and design.

I've been fiddling with the camera since 2011, and had the opportunity to open my own little Asia-inspired, minimalistic studio in 2022 for my clients.

I've always loved capturing moments and creating images that make me, and those around me happy.

I am obsessed with * a e s t h e t i c * things and always have a way to create and arrange something to make it artsy. You can find me splurging at local markets here in Edmonton, chasing sunsets and starlights all-year round.

Do not be alarmed when you see me - I am 4'11 and may or may not be carrying a stool or ladder, or finding higher elevation to stand on at your session lol! On the bright side, it's a lovely height to shoot through bushes in creating my favourite *depth* shots :)

Sometimes there might be 2 of us shooting your session! (Most likely for full-day weddings) If that's the case - you'll likely get to meet my assistant in the business and awesome husband, James!

James enjoys cooking, good food, eating, and more food. lol!

He may or may not be holding a boba drink at one point in the day during a full day wedding haha (during breaks of course - he works hard ;)

* also * a note that we are especially experienced in Asian weddings (the ones with the door crashers, tea ceremonies, cultural activities/games, etc.) so if you're looking for a team well-adversed for a 13+ hour long day with the above - fear not! we've got you :)

Curating moments that tell a story

Bright & Airy, Minimal, Classy & Elegant Aesthetic

I have been blessed with having the opportunity to capture love, relationships, families, dreams and the work of wonderful people here in Alberta. My wildest dreams are slowly coming true as I am opening my own studio that will be available for other creatives to use in South Edmonton. This studio will aim to create an aesthetic, bright, clean concept inspired by studios that are prevalent in South Korea.

Studio amaire

Capturing Essences

appreciating what makes you, you.

I grew up in a pretty multi-cultural family, with my mother being from Japan and my father being from Vietnam (but are Chinese in ethnicity), and relatives from South Korea, France, England, Australia, Vietnam, China, and Japan.

As such, you will find a lot of cultural content in my work as I am super passionate and love celebrating unique cultures. Let's celebrate what makes you, you. Let's capture all of the beauty that comes with that.

Supporting Local

Edmonton, alberta

Supporting Local

I am a huge advocate for local and small businesses and love meeting and connecting with the people in this community - they are some of the most hardworking and kindest souls I've ever met. I have hence, made it my mission to integrate a secondary purpose through my photography business, and that is to support other small and local businesses through gifting my clients with items compiled from these wonderful people in accordance to the theme of my sessions.

edmonton, ab


I also work with small businesses to create clean, crisp yet creative photographs for products, branding & professional portraits.


Yuki was absolutely fun to work with! She took my family's photos on 3 occasions already and they all turned out beautiful. I highly recommend Yuki. Her photography style is very crisp, clear, cute and colourful!

Jacquelyn, @glamourninja


Your work is absolutely stunning! Honestly words cannot describe how happy I am that I’ve found such an amazing photographer. You have an excellent eye for detail and I couldn’t be any happier. I’ll definitely be working with you for the long term.

Mirna, instagram: @artbymirnaa


Yuki captures authentic smiles and genuine moments. She brings props to add variety to the shoot and prompts us as necessary when we gt stuck or feel awkward. She takes our considerations into mind and makes the dreamy vision come true.

Sophia Wong


Yuki is so patient, kind and crazy talented! She is so easy to work with and it's been such a blessing for us to have found Yuki as our family photographer (for life)! The quality of her photos are fantastic and she has always given us the good copies in a timely manner. Yuki also makes really neat crafts on top of her photography business, what a crazy talented gal!! We are so grateful and will be booking Yuki for all of our future photography needs. Thank you so much for being our photographer and friend

Joanne Tran

More Kind Words from Clients