*Studio currently not available for outside bookings, only for clients of Amaire & Co. for photo sessions*

Studio Features

Client Wardrobe

CIEL Bridal gowns and more are available for Amaire & Co. clients to try! Dresses range between sizes 4-6, and some 8-10. This will only be available for clients booking with Amaire & Co.

Make Up & Hair/Getting Ready Area

Featuring mirrors, ample lighting and counter space for MUAs and Hairstylists, or models preparing their own make up. Great as a content creating area as well for those beauty influencers!

Studio Area

This is where all the magic will happen! The studio is brightly lit with light panels emitting light that is filtered to imitate outdoor natural lighting- but all day. There are no windows in the studio so it is always consistent lighting that won't change throughout the day - so even when it's dark outside in the winter, your photos will look like they were taken in broad daylight. (With gorgeously filtered light, of course). The studio is air conditioned in the summer months!

***STUDIO IS NOT WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE - There are stairs and no elevator options.

Studio Gallery

Studio Location

Unit 48A, 9703 41 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6M9, Strathcona Business Park

Example Photos at the Studio