vendor highlight

The Pendennis Weddings & Events

This venue is such a gem - located right in the heart of Edmonton's downtown. It features old brick yet modern chic vibes. The potential for all the decor and styles in this space is endless! They have four floors and two outdoor terraces.

Some great ideas I have and why I love the space:

  • The gorgeous getting ready photos with the furniture - that couch! So pretty!
  • The potential to shoot between different floors to get so many new and unique angles to portraiture.
  • The glass railings really take the aesthetic another level.
  • The vast amount of light that filters through each floor as they are all connected through many windows.
  • The old rustic vibe combined with modern chic - so many different areas to take wonderful portraits at! A moss wall, the floor to ceiling windows, the chandeliers.. ahh!
  • There's a little area that looks like a small pathway to another world/secret space that would be so cute for intimate portraiture + a "running into the abyss" type photo.
  • Bridal party photo lined up against the brick aesthetic of the bar and having a drink - or doing that "blurry" walk through around the bride + groom
  • And a steamy elevator portrait!

This venue would be perfect for anyone liking the antique but also the modern look. The blend between the two is seamless at this venue.